Duzce University International Conference on Language

DU-ICOL / Writing

Duzce University International Conference on Language
DU-ICOL / Writing - 2018

Duzce University H. E. School of Foreign Languages and the Department of English Language Teaching is holding the 1st International Conference on Language (DU-ICOL). The first of conference series will focus on writing in additional languages.

The conference aims to provide a platform for academicians from different contexts to discuss and share theoretical and practical issues on writing in additional languages on a wide range of areas varying from rethorical issues to teaching writing in different orthographies.

The rationale for such a conference on writing in additional languages is the expectation of attracting research and innovative ideas that will complement one another and contribute to the endeavours in understanding the processes and teaching of various forms of writing in additional languages.

Conference Themes

  • Academic Writing
  • Interaction of Writing with Other Major Skills
  • Grammar and Writing
  • Vocabulary and Writing
  • Learner Strategies in Writing
  • Teaching Writing
  • Process Writing
  • Technology and Writing
  • Evaluation of Writing Skills
  • Creative Writing
  • Critical Thinking in Writing
  • Writing in Non-Academic Contexts
  • Translation as Rewriting
  • Writing in a Different Orthography

* And other topics related to writing in second or foreign language contexts


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